Today is hopefully the last day I’ll ever dedicate to physics. Just chemistry left for tomorrow, and then I’ll have to find a way to celebrate the - almost- freedom. Might be a problem, since I don’t drink.

WTF is going on?

What I find so difficult to understand is, why the hell is the world even in this situation right now? In the last few months, SO many tragic things had happened, some still going on, and mostly, they don’t even make any sense… Some countries are have quite decent political situations, but most countries, I think, have leaders that don’t really care about anything but themselves… There are problems, that could easily be solved, if it wouldn’t “cost so much”… I mean, money is a completely abstract invention, yet it seems the world revolves around it. It’s basically “Yeah, we could give those poor people dying of Ebola this cure we have, but those abstract numbers don’t allow us to do so…” Why does the money have all this control over us? Humans have invented money, we should be the ones in control! People are literally dying because of something almost metaphysical we’ve created in the first place!

And when it’s not about the money, it’s about things that are even more abstract than the money itself… Like, let’s talk races. Essentially, the only differences are a few physical traits, that have little to no effect on how we function, but no, for centuries we had to pretend it’s such a big deal that we had to put some people down for it, while glorifying others. And in 2014, when you’d think this pointless hatred would be long behind us, there are still things happening, proving how alive it still is…

And the saddest part is, apparently there’s not much that we can do about it. The world is falling apart, and all we can really do, is sit there and watch… Because we’re the little people - protests are labelled as riots, even the best arguments articulated by the little people are most likely going to be ignored, even belittled sometimes… Face it, we truly are treated as nothing but numbers, and that really pisses me off! Because, we, the little people, make up the HUGE majority of world’s population, and are much more affected by the decisions of the politicians than the politicians themselves, yet we have no say in it (the biggest, most influential countries, have the smallest choice of candidates to elect, for instance). Nobody is truly free any more.